Ch. 4 API

The raw interface to the Application Programming Interface (API) is available at:

Here we will provide more guidance on how to use the API functions with documented input arguments, output results and examples of use.

4.1 /variables: get list of variables for timeseries

Get list of variables for use in /timeseries

4.2 /species_groups: get species groups for larvae

Not yet working. Get list of species groups for use with variables larvae_counts.count in /timeseries

4.3 /timeseries: get time series data

4.4 /cruises: get list of cruises

Get list of cruises with summary stats as CSV table for time (date_beg)

4.5 /raster: get raster map of variable

Get raster of variable

4.6 /cruise_lines: get station lines from cruises

Get station lines from cruises (with more than one cast)

4.7 /cruise_line_profile

Get profile at depths for given variable of casts along line of stations